Shouldn’t Have Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

Yeah, it’s been a minute. But here I am. I’ve been busy intruding on family’s and their home life (aka work). I’ve also been enjoying my new digital camera, Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Elph. New photos can be viewed on Flickr.

In addition, ESP has been chillin’ together and working on songs. We recently recorded a new track, which I’m really excited about. Two more songs are in the process of being completed and one song will be redone (“U R Not Red E,” listen to the original on Finishing touches will be made to one song this weekend (hopefully) and then put out for the masses on our new ESP weblog (coming very soon). We still have our myspace page but it will act as a gateway to the ESP blog.

We have also discussed other projects including a filming venture consisting of five minute shorts telling a story. The shorts will be episodic and not necessarily in chronological order and will be silent (no dialog) for the most part. I’ve been working on a storyboard for episode 1. Stay tuned for it on YouTube this year (hopefully). ESP is at the helms of the project in terms of directing, acting, screen writing, and score. We’ll make it bloody.

Everything else is more or less the same. I started watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The television shows picks up where the second movie (T2: Judgment Day) left off, completely negating the third movie. In general, the show is entertaining. Every now and then, small things bother me (sending an engineer back in time to work as an architect for a bank, which will include a time machine and weapon in the vault???). Then there are big things that bother me. For instance, in the end of The Terminator, the terminator’s arm and processor are recovered and analyzed, ultimately starting Skynet, the computer system with artificial intelligence that will “decide” to wipe out the human race. So after Sarah, John, and their terminator companion escape the “bad” terminator by jumping through time (after Sarah shoots a plasma rifle at the T-800 which decapitates it), what happens to the “bad” Terminator? Is it destroyed? Analyzed? No. It ends up in a junk yard and is completely stripped of its skin. Huh? The power cells alone allow the T-800 to be operational for approximately 129 years. And people just throw it in a junk yard after witnessing it walking to the bank passed over a dozen cops? Yeah, that bothered me. Aside from the plot holes, the series is entertaining and seems to be building up towards something (John Connor has an Uncle!). Not great, but not bad.


~ by 1n3br14t3d on February 14, 2008.

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