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Today, I finally (over a few months of lazy reading) finished Stephen Batchelor’s Buddhism Without Beliefs. I believe that book serves a great introduction into Buddhism sans the religious institution it has transformed into. Buddhism is a way of life, a practice and Batchelor approaches it as such. I look forward to reading this book again with less interruptions. And now it’s on to the next books; Chad Kultgen’s The Average American Male and Tom Stafford & Matt Webb’s Mind Hacks. Kultgen’s novel isn’t as serious and seems to be a quick read before I return it to Jen (sorry I’ve had the book for over a year).

Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor From Amazon.com:

Those with an interest in Buddhism will welcome this new book by Stephen Batchelor, former monk and author of Alone With Others and The Awakening of the West. But those who are just discovering this increasingly popular practice will have much to gain as well-for Buddhism Without Beliefs serves as a solid, straightforward introduction that demystifies Buddhism and explains simply and plainly how its practice can enrich our lives. Avoiding jargon and theory, Batchelor concentrates on the concrete, making Buddhism accessible and compelling and showing how anyone can embark on this path-regardless of their religious background.

Mind Hacks    The Average American Male


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